Morning Corralejo beach yoga classes are creative and soft flow yoga classes with yin elements, that bring balance to our body and mind.

The movements are linked to the breath and classes are started with variations of sun salutations to warm and prepare our bodies for more intense stretching done towards the end of the class. The practice is gentle yet refreshing with plenty of modifications to make yoga accessible for everyone.

 I favour verbal cues and mostly avoid hands-on adjustments.

Yoga mats are provided. They are disinfected after each use, it is however advisable to bring your mat, and if you have any issues with your knees – a towel.

This is an outdoor yoga class on a public beach. We can't control the weather or any distractions on the beach around us.
Please note:
- It is your responsibility to consult a doctor to confirm you are in good health to practice yoga.
– The teacher is not liable for any injuries that may incur.
– Yoga classes are undertaken at your own risk.
– The classes are not suitable if you are pregnant or have a serious injury!
Location: Yoga Beach in front of Sunset Lounge 

BEACH YOGA Schedule: Monday - Saturday at 9.00 am (60 min)

1 class 12 €/person
3 prepaid classes 35 €/person
5 prepaid classes 50 €/person 
10 prepaid classes 90 €/person 
Package of classes valid for 1 month.
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